Q3 ZEBAO Group MVPs Announced! iPads and Other Rewards for Winners!

Date:2020 / 11 / 09

What kind of MVP have you received? The phone game MVP or the work MVP? Let's see the newly released Q3 MVPs in the ZEBAO Group. What rewards did they get? Let's take a look.






The certificate of honors and favored presents proved their Q3 efforts. How fantastic!

Today we have the honor to talk with the senior PM Paul, the Q3 MVP winner, who has been kind enough to share his secrets of success.


Question 1: Do you have any work tips to share with us?


(1)Focus on priority, hold the overall situation, and improve work efficiency.

(2)Quantity breeds quality, so keep learning and make a long-term goal.


Question 2: How did you feel after winning the MVP?

Paul: So pleased, this reward is proof of my hard work and effort during Q3.  


Question 3: What work do you have planned for the future?


(1)To improve the laser television and dash camera product lines, and also to go on the market on time and according to market demand and project plan.

(2)To build our team, cultivate new talent, and strengthen our teamwork ability.

Thank you Paul for speaking with us, and congrats to every MVP winner. The next Q4 MVP evaluation will start soon, so don't wait to show us your talent.

Article source:ZEBAO Group